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© Planète Enfants & Développement 2021 

About Our

Founded by a group of 7 students studying in Ho Chi Minh City, The Luv Project Vietnam strives to support our community to the best of our abilities. Our goal is to raise awareness and contribute funds towards the improvement of the lives of the less fortunate and vulnerable children in our community.

© Planète Enfants & Développement 2021 


People unemployed during the pandemic

(according to a VNExpress survey)


Enterprises suspended operations


Households reported income loss due to the pandemic

COVID - 19 in Vietnam

Who We Work With


 Planète Enfants & Développement

The British International School

Education For All

The “Education For All” project has been developed alongside our partners, PE&D, in their Early Childhood Development Program. Our aim is to create educational content to children who currently do not have access to it due to external barriers.

What your donations have gone towards

In October/November 2021, alongside PE&D, The Luv Project Vietnam was able to raise approximately $4000 through our Emergency Fundraiser. The money raised went towards 186 beneficiaries being provided with 1 month of essential food and amenities. We would like to thank all our donors for their contributions in improving the lives of vulnerable children across Ho Chi Minh City.

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