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Around July 2021, Vietnam saw the re - emergence of COVID-19, and along with stricter lockdown measures, many people lost their jobs to the pandemic and were forced to live off minimal savings. This led to a shortage of food supplies for lower income families within the community, which has directly impacted tens of thousands of children across HCMC. 


Our team strongly believes that every child deserves the right to basic food, clean water, and shelter. We sincerely hope that through our efforts we can raise awareness and generate enough funds to help support the families who have been most impacted by the pandemic throughout these difficult times. 

More information about the goals that our organization is working towards can be found by clicking this link:

Our Mission

Through various projects, we aim to work with NGOs, local businesses and families to support vulnerable children across Ho Chi Minh City in order to ensure they are provided a favorable environment for their development, well-being, safety, and dignity.

Image by Drew Beamer

Adit Jacob: President                              Sidhant Dhawan: Vice President

York Fang: Secretary                               Henry Pham: Head Of Education

Cody Burke: Treasurer                            Geon Hee Kim: Head Of Research

SeokMin Kang: Member

Meet the team!

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