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COVID - 19

Impacts of COVID - 19 In Vietnam 

The reappearance of the new delta variant in Vietnam has been grim and disheartening for many. While many businesses have been financially impacted, the real victims of the pandemic are low income families who now struggle to continue their daily lives. 

With strict lockdown measures levied upon citizens, a large number of households have fallen into a state of absolute poverty. Around 69% of firms in Southern Vietnam have stopped production due to the rising costs, leading to a sharp increase in unemployment. Additionally, many jobs that were keeping the community intact are no longer required, and with their source of income cut, they can no longer spend money as easily as they could before. 


This map is from the website: and last updated at 12/10/21.

The yellow marks on the map locate the current COVID - 19 patients in HCMC

For this reason, it is becoming more financially demanding for low-income families to gain access to their basic necessities. Despite multiple attempts to help deal with this food-supply crisis, many families still struggle to provide for themselves and their loved ones, and it is our goal to provide the necessary assistance to these people. These are trying times, but not times we should start complaining about how much we lost. Rather, we must cherish what we have remaining, especially compared to the less fortunate.


After the lockdown ended with many restrictions lifted, economic activity resumed with many people being able to start their businesses again. Alongside that, most normal activities are beginning to take place again. However, this does not instantly take away the financial hardship that has accumulated over the previous months. Through your support, we can help provide financial aid and food packages to the children and families who have been most affected by the pandemic, and we hope that through our efforts we can help make our community a better place for all.

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