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Education For All


Besides organizing fundraisers and awareness campaigns for local NGOs, our team is committed to ensuring a better future for underprivileged children across Ho Chi Minh City. To this end, we have developed our “Education for All” project. Our program aims to create high-quality educational content that can be accessed anywhere in the world free of cost. Our hope is that through this initiative we can provide children the equal opportunity to gain access to education despite the economic hardships presented by Covid-19, and that through our efforts these children will not have to sacrifice their learning because of factors out of their control.


Through our partnerships, soon our videos will be distributed and shared amongst various parent group chats across Ho Chi Minh City, helping develop a more sustainable path forward for virtual schooling in poorer sectors of society.


Below you will find a few of our recent videos attached. If you wish to learn more about our Education for All program or would like to volunteer to host a session in Vietnamese, please feel free to contact us through our Instagram or our Contact Us page.

1. Counting numbers from 1-10

2. Learning the Alphabet (Part 1)

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